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All manuscripts must meet the following requirements:

  1. The title of the paper should not exceed ten words.
  2. There must be an abstract of between 300 and 350 words.
  3. All illustrations must be stored on a separate file to the text.
  4. Locate any illustration by placing a figure number in the text.
  5. The manuscript must have a maximum of five keywords following the abstract.
  6. The manuscript must have a reference section at the end with the author's names in lower case followed by the year, the title of the reference in italics and the source or publisher in normal lower case e.g Jackson N.1999, Reconstructing Architecture for the Twenty First Century , Toronto University Press, Toronto , Canada . In this case the whole book/article is being referred to i.e no pages numbers are given.
  7. The citation format in the body of the text must have the author's name in lower case followed by the year in brackets e.g (Hamdi N.1999). Where a specific page or pages are being referred to then the page number or numbers must be cited after the author's name e.g (Wills, 2002:31. or Wills 2002:31-44)
  8. There must be a conclusion at the end of the manuscript.
  9. The length of the manuscript should be around 4000-5000 words .
  10. All photographs, maps and graphs must be in TIFF format and not be less than 300 dpi . Photos should be scanned as multi-colour (8 bit colour) and then scaled. Width=12cm, the height is free.
  11. All  tables, graphs and line drawings should be in rich text form or .doc format using Word, Power  Point or Excel original programs.
  12. Manuscripts and all images must be submitted via our dropbox using or vial mail using the the aforementioned email. Or send via email to
  13. All references in the text but be listed in the reference list likewise references in the reference list must also be found in the text.
  14. Care should be taken that all information, particularly about place names is clear and correct.

ad.3 & 4 above

          Please   ensure   that  all illustrations whether tables, graphs, photographs, maps or  line  drawings must NOT be  embedded in the text of an article.  Authors  MUST put all illustrations  on a separate file and  only  put the figure  number with caption  in the  text to show  where the illustration  should be.    Any  article which does  not follow this guide line will not be published.


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