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'I find Open House International very useful in my multifold housing education because it provides a comprehensive knowledge crossing various disciplines, crossing cultures, climates, social issues, economies, design approaches and technologies. It is also handy enough so I can quickly tailor different "knowledge sets" for different types of students and for different teaching purposes. As far as I know, there is no other housing journal in the world which can serve housing education as well as this one." - Prof. JIA Beisi, University of Hong Kong.

"Among journals focused on the built environment, OHI has always stood
for the possibility of informed discourse on cross-cutting, global and
local issues linking methods, the culture of building, built form studies,
technology, pedagogy and user-centred public policy and planning. Thank
goodness it is there, for students, teachers, researchers and practitioners
alike." - Prof. Stephen Kendall, Ball State University, USA

"Open House International has served not only as a lonely beacon for people dedicated to making housing more affordable for low income populations all over the world, but also as one of the few 'texts' used in teaching and research. Its continued availability is essential for one more reason, namely, the 'opening up' of all of Central and Eastern Europe to new ideas on how to provide housing from planning and design, to procurement and assembly. Not only should Open House International be on every library shelf of every University, but also on the desk of every decision-maker concerned with housing". Dr. Eric Dluhosch - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

"Open House International is a fine journal with a long track record of serious reporting on housing research, both in developed and developing countries; required reading for everyone-academic or practitioner - who needs to keep abreast of developments in their field".Prof. Witold Rybczynski - University of Pennsylvania, USA.

"Open House International is essential reading for anyone seriously concerned with home and neighbourhood building today. No other publication provides so much information that is useful as well as interesting for students and practitioners working for sustainable development wherever they are".John Turner, Hastings, UK

"Since its beginning in 1976 Open House International has been the only journal to cover the extremely important ground between the traditional and the" new "concerns of architects and builders and those of development studies. This is of increasing significance in the context of the international agendas for the next milennium". Prof. Pat Wakely, Development Planning Unit, University College London UK

"One major contribution of Open House International is its ongoing emphasis on open ended design as an important attribute of environmental quality of built environments. Through this, Open House International has ensured that this topic has not been forgotten and has continued to develop". Prof. Amos Rapoport, University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

"As an educator, I use many of the articles published in Open House International as supplementary material for my courses since the information is well researched and quite often state-of-the art in its field". Prof.. Avi Friedman, McGill University, Canada

"A truly worldwide range of countries are included with a spread of subjects from theory and practice of settlement planning to individual housing as well as book information on these subjects. The journal is of great value to post graduate research and teaching". Institute of dvanced Architectural Studies(loAAS), The University of York, UK

"Open House International provides a unique, international forum for presentations of the multi - dimensional nature of housing with illustrative examples from all continents around the globe. Today this perspective is rare in mainstream academic and professional publications". Dr. Rod Lawrence, University of Geneva,Switzerland.



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