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Notes to Authors


Manuscripts should be around 4000 words in length and should be on the subject of the built environment, design and development, including case studies and new hypotheses or findings.
Manuscripts must have a title not exceeding ten words using only letters and avoid using hypens and any punctuations. The title must be followed by the author(s) name or names and an abstract of between 200 and 300 words in italics. The abstract must be followed by no more than five key words. After the body of the manuscript, it must close with a conclusion followed by full references abbreviated to the following format: Author(s) name in capitals followed by the year of publication in brackets, then the title of the paper or book in italics with page numbers, then in standard lower case the name of the publisher, town and country, e.g JONES D.H (1998). An Introduction to Climate Vol.10 pp 2-9. Pilgrimers Press, London, Great Britain. Paragraphs should follow under each other without space but with each first line being indented ten spaces. Main headings should be in bold capitals and sub-headings in bold lower case. All figures and illustrations must be filed separately and not placed in the body of the text. Only the figure number should be located in the text .

It is a condition of publication that ALL the references listed at the end of the manuscript MUST be cited in the body of the main text eg (JONES 1989) or JONES AND SMITH (1990). In addition a manuscript will only be published if the English is grammatically correct and with a high standard of articulation.

Manuscripts must be saved on WORD 2003-2007 FORMAT. Submission should be made by e-mail attachment, our dropbox account ( and/or in CD format, though 3.5 discs are still acceptable. Photographs must be in coloured tiff or eps format and not less than 300 pixels psi. One hard copy of the manuscript is required in double spacing and on one side of the paper only. All illustrations must be cleared marked where they should be placed in the text and labeled with a soft pencil on the back with the name of the author, manuscript title and figure number. Care should be taken that all information, particularly about place names is clear and correct.

The author or authors (maximum three) of each article will receive one free copy of the journal.

A manuscript publication fee of 250 GBP per author and a processing fee of 300 GBP must be paid once the manuscript has been passed for publication.

Specification Summary.

Articles for publication must meet the following requirements:

1. The title of the paper should not exceed ten words
2. The title should NOT contain any hyphens or punctuation marks
3. There must be an abstract of between 200 and 300 words
4. All figures and illustrations must be stored on a separate file to the text
5. Locate any illustration by placing a figure number in the text
6. The manuscript must have keywords following the abstract
7. The manuscript must have references with the authors name in capitals followed the year, the title of the reference in italics and the source or publisher in normal lower case e.g JACKSON (1999) Reconstructing Architecture for the Twenty First Century, Toronto Univertsity Press
8. There must be a conclusion at the end of the manuscript
9. the manuscript must have all references cited in the body of the text eg (WILLS, 2002)
10. The length of the manuscript should be around 4000 words
11. All photographs, line drawing must be in tiff format and not be less than 300 dpi
12. Manuscripts must be submitted on a CD and by e-mail as an attachment.
13. The manuscript must be saved on Word 5 for Macintosh or as rich text format
14. Two hard copies of the text is required


Book reviews should contain the book review itself and full publication details ( the publisher, address, date, price, number of pages and ISBN number ). Reviews should not be more than 1000 words or less than  500 words in length. The contents of the book and their relevance to open building should be assessed in order to provide a critical appraisal of the work.


For the guidance of authors , the following form is used by the referees for the evalution of manuscripts



1. STRUCTURE: Does the article have:

1.1 a title which fits the contents Yes/No
1.2 a title which is less than ten words long. Yes/No
1.3 an abstract Yes/No
1.4 a conclusion Yes/No
1.5 references / bibliography Yes/No
1.6 at least five key words Yes/No

In the case of 1.1 and 1.2 if the answer is NO then please suggest a revised form.

2. STYLE / LANGUAGE : Is the writing clear, unambiguous and of a high standard ?

1. Yes
2. No
If no please give guidance for rewriting and/or improvements.

3. THEORY : Is the connection with theory clearly made ?
1. Yes
2. No
If no please suggest how this might be done.

4. LITERATURE : Does the writer cite references in his / her text and do these match with the reference list at the end of the article? They should all be referred to in the main text. This is important for ISI Citation Index control.

1. Yes
2. No

5. INTERPRETATION : Has the author given appropriate interpretation to data ?

1. Yes
2. No
If No please comment.

6. SIGNIFICANCE : Is this paper a significant contribution to its field ?

1. Yes
2. No

If No state the reasons why.

7. LENGTH : The article should be around 4000. If more please advise where cuts could be made.

1. Should be published, no revision necessary.
2. Should be published with revision.
3. Should not be published.

Referees revision specifications and comments:







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