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OPEN HOUSE INTERNATION was started in 1976 by Nicholas Wilkinson whilst working in the Netherlands at the Foundation of Architects Research (Stichting Architecten Research). The SAR as it was called put up the money to finance a very modest low cost A5 format photocopied bulletin of SAR activities and research and especially projects of its supporters.
The magazine came about in the 1970's as a lack of information on projects in different countries on the practical application of 'supports and detachable units', the idea of N.J Habraken (The founder of the SAR in 1966). His thesis was spelt out in a small but important book called 'SUPPORTS - an alternative to mass housing.' (Has been reprinted in 1999 by The Urban International Press see book forms under section 12)
Open House International grew significantly in its early years to become a standard A4 journal on Open Building and Built Environment. It has a small but solid group of subscribers of around 400 and publishes quarterly in March, June, September and December.
OHI focuses on decision making processes which enable the various disciplines dealing with built environment to understand the dynamics of development and housing and so contribute more effectively to it. Its general aim is to improve the quality of built environment through encouraging greater sharing of decision making by ordinary people. It also aims at developing the necessary institutional frameworks which will support the local initiatives of parties in the housing process. The subject matter is the Built Environment.


In 1989 Open House International sponsored a conference called Quality in the Built Environment and produced proceedings of that conference under the same title. This is when the URBAN INTERNATIONAL PRESS was created. Since then three further books have been published ,. 33 Papers in Environment Behaviour Research - by Amos Rapoport , Supports - An Alternative to Mass Housing by N.J Habraken and SUSTAINING HUMAN SETTLEMENTS - Economy, Equity and Health edited by Dr. Roderick J Lawrence.
Subjects in Open House International Include:
Action Planning, Affordable Homes, Building and Urban Design, Building Design & Planning for Sustainable Development, Building Technology, Built Environment, City & Neighbourhood Management, Culture & Built Form, Environmental Issues, Gender Issues, Habitat Agenda, Housing Policy, Finance & Management, Open Building, Prefabrication & Industrialisation, Slum Improvement & Redevelopment, User Participation, Vernacular & Self-Build and Book Reviews.




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