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The journal of an association of institutes and individuals concerned with housing, design and development in the built environment. Theories, tools and practice with special emphasis on the local scale. In particular the journal has a focus on the involvement of people in the decision making and production processes in housing.
Editorial address: NICHOLAS WILKINSON RIBA AA Dipl. Eastern Mediterranean University
Faculty of Architecture, Gazimagusa, Mersin 10, Turkey
E-Mail: Fax: 00 90 392 630 2365365 0918
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June 2006May 2003

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The circulation of OPEN HOUSE INTERNATIONAL is almost entirely to University Libraries world wide, 85%. Government Departments, some Aid agencies, Firms of Planning & Architecture and individuals make up the other 15%.

The subscribers are spread around 30 countries of the world with a concentration in the USA and Europe. Based on the statistic that a library journal copy is read by 20 people then the readership is around 6000.

The content of tThe journal coversis architecturale, and environmental, (both north and south) countries are covered) with a focus on environment, housing and urban design issues.


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(Open House International is a refereed quarterly journal on Habitat and the Built Environment. It is currently being reviewed by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) for inclusion into the Arts & Humanities Citation Index )


Subjects include: Affordable Homes, Building and Urban Design, Building Design & Planning for Sustainable Development, Building Technology, City & Neighbourhood Management, Community Action Planning, Culture & Built Form, Environmental Issues, Gender Issues, Habitat Agenda, Housing Policy, Finance & Management, Open Building, Prefabrication & Industrialisation, Slum Improvement & Redevelopment, User Participation, Vernacular & Self-Build, Book Reviews

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