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By : Kai Xie, Hao Xu, Jing Wu

The density and pattern of urban parks, traffic conditions are the main factors affecting urban park accessibility. To clarify the influence of traffic mode and urban road network on urban park accessibility, we examine downtown area of Nanjing, China, and based on GIS network analysis, analyze urban park accessibility under different traffic modes in the current year (2017) and the Nanjing master planning target year (2030). The results shows: Using automobiles takes the shortest time to get to urban parks in 2017 and 2030 (if the problem of parking is ignored). Comparing the results of 2030 and 2017, by when the ground transportation network in the study area will be further improved, urban park accessibility was improved by a small margin under walking and automobile traffic modes, however, the density of rail traits increased fastest, urban park accessibility is improved most under this mode of transportation, rail transit route development becomes the dominant factor in improving park accessibility in downtown area of Nanjing. To a certain extent, this study reveals the leading factors of improving the accessibility of urban parks on the premise that the system of urban parks tends to be stable, and provides a reference for improving urban park accessibility.

Keywords: Accessibility, Downtown area of Nanjing, Urban Park, Mode of Transportation.

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