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By : Yousef J. M. Abukashif, Müge Riza

Worldwide, an increasing number of cities and regions are confronted with conflict and tension. These conflicts have an impact on shaping and planning the built-environment, as well as the future development of the area. This article focuses on Gaza City and its development process throughout its political conflicts, with an emphasis on the last two decades (2000-2018). The main objective is to comprehend the urban development in the case of conflict through analyzing the development of Gaza City, as well as questioning the determinants of urban development. This information is obtained through aerial maps, thermal maps and GIS map analysis. The findings reveal a general shortage of housing units and lack of safe housing locations, as most areas in Gaza City are under threat of war, as well as high prices of land due to the unavailability of unconstructed lands and high costs of construction materials. This study argues that urban development in Gaza City was not led by planning through local authorities, rather it was shaped by conflict. This article concludes with recommendations that could be beneficial in developing lasting solutions to urban development in Gaza City

Keywords: Urban Development, Conflict Zones, land Use, GIS maps, Gaza City.

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