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By : Babu Rajeswaran, Thirumaran Kesavaperumal

Entrance edifice of the institutional campus artifice as the visible representation of status in their society. The design shall stand to show the status of the person who develops the setting, it could signify the power of the person or the entire place, and it could sometimes support certain cosmological belief system that prevails in that culture too. This study intended to identify the entrance edifice Physical features that influence observer’s perception of the image of the institutional campus. To accomplish this, physical features of the entrance edifice and its characters were identified and developed into questionnaire material. A logistic regression model was adopted to analyze the Physical features of Entrance Edifice. The findings found the followings: (i) Physical features of Entrance Edifice influence the Visual perception of the Institutional Campus. (ii) The Physical features were found to impact the Visual perception of the Institutional campus in the order of Form Identity, Architectural Elements, Scale and Portion, color and material. These variances are based on the observers’ perception, which can be integrated into the Institutional Campus Entrance Edifice design to strengthen the Image of the Institutional campus. It is clear that Entrance Edifices have the potential to build the image for a greater content and purpose through its Form Identity, Architectural Elements, Scale and Portion, color and material. Nevertheless, the entrance design could be a powerful element to build up the image of the physical settings it serves.

Keywords: Physical features; Visual perception; Entrance Edifice; Institutional Campus.

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