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By : Lin Gaorui, Wang Fei, Mi Qingzhi

The Qingcheng County, where the ancient city wall is located, has rich regional cultural heritage. This ancient city wall is an important symbol for exhibiting the regional historical culture of Qingcheng. However, urban expansionary construction activities, environment chaos, and other issues have led to the destruction of the main part of the Qingcheng Ancient City Wall. Previous strategies for historical and cultural heritage Preservation planning emphasize rigidity and disregard resilience in protecting cultural heritage and the environment. On the basis of an analysis of the built environment of the Qingcheng Ancient City Wall, this study gains insights into the three aspects, namely, land use, road traffic, and municipal and disaster prevention in frastructure of the old city proper where the ancient city wall is located. A planning strategy that integrates an ordered control of land development, highly efficient and compound road traffic, synergetic municipal administration, and sound disaster-preventing infrastructure is formed according to cognitive results.

Keywords: Engineering Elasticity, Qingcheng, Ancient City Wall, Preservation Planning.

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