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By : Sertaç Ilter, S.Müjdem Vural

The double-skin façade (DSF) is one of the most crucial paradigms of building envelope design in last decades. DSF prospects a unified architectural phenomenon based on comfort rank of building driven by the dogmas of aestheticglass façade and practical- natural ventilation aspirations. Therefore, the utilization of DSF has been the most prevalent catalyst for architectural design.
The study discusses to structure a valid evaluation method focusing on DSF elements in order to fragment human comfort standards within asserting an accurate system in the preliminary design stage. The study significantly examines the tools/ways of integrating DSFs’ human comfort parameters in contemporary architecture though a convincing design system. Apparently, the study aims to provide a proposed guideline within a established analyzing system for architects in order to better formation of DSF elements; which refers and promote the human comfort standards. The results demonstrate a modest insight on understanding the potentials of DSF elements in the early design stage significantly following defined architectural conceptions; cooling, lighting, thermal, acoustic and visual comfort intensity. Based on obtained data; study aims to enclose a diminutive knowledge or demonstration of how the concept might work for future development of contemporary architecture within DSF area.

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