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By : Tamer ElSerafi, Dalila ElKerdany, Ahmed Shalaby

Historic districts are unique with its urban fabric, which hosts various activities and land uses. Such districts in the city center of cities are very active with many different users. Each activity attracts different users. Thus, urban mobility is very essential issue for these districts to function properly. Recent urban mobility needs are very different to those in former times, when these districts were built. Therefore, these districts are no longer compatible for contemporary urban mobility, thus, there are many problems facing these districts in reference to the urban mobility.
Zamalek, as one of the most important colonial district in the city center of Cairo, suffers from deteriorated urban mobility situation. This deterioration is mainly due to concentration of activities and densification. This paper is analyzing the existing condition in Zamalek in terms of urban mobility. This, also, includes the urban planning analysis in relation to the urban mobility. The current problems are very challenging, thus innovative concepts shall be implemented to ensure sustainable urban mobility in Zamalek. This paper recommends a set of action plans localized for the current condition in Zamalek and based on successful practices in other cities.

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