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By : Sahar Hassan Imam

Relating development control regulations to urban morphology analysis concepts is essential to deal with incremental change in existing contexts, relating urban morphology analysis to intangible factors of change such as land economics, human needs, politics and ideologies, helps protecting character and value of contexts from unguided change controlled by waves of political decisions, change of densities and land values. The first part of the paper discusses different approaches to urban morphology analysis, the need to development control regulations to protect character and value, the incremental nature of urban change, and urban morphology’s non physical aspects effect on urban change. The second part of the paper reviews two case studies in France and Egypt to assess development control regulations in each case, how it affected urban change and area character, and examines whether urban morphology analysis was part of Development control regulations or not. It concludes with the evaluation of the second case, and the development of a frame work linking non physical factors affecting incremental change with morphological studies, showing the need to relate development control regulations to morphological analysis of town’s form and non physical variables affecting form change to guide positively incremental change.
Keywords: Urban Morphology, Urban Form, Development Control Regulations, Incremental Change, Character preservation.

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