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By : Xionghui Zhang

The economy of Fujian has caused tremendous development momentum and increased the economic exchanges between Taiwan and the mainland since the establishment of the free trade area of Fujian province. However, the contradiction between ecological protection and economic development should be considered on the basis of solving the problem of building trade zones. Performing regional trade zone planning from the ecological and economic perspectives is difficult, not only should the ecological and economic perspectives meet and emphasize the ecological and economical levels of interaction, but also achieve the optimization of eco-economic development potential of the free trade zone. In view of the above problems, according to the economy and resource allocation base of the new trade zone in Fujian Province, the space planning strategy development was carried out in this paper. In the overall layout of the new trade zone, the chain service area, the high-end service area, and the city near the port are taken as a major planning axis. North and South regions are gathering areas of shipping, logistics and new industries, developing on three partitions of function, improvement and advance around Haijing Road. The landscape is divided into Cai Jianwei mountain and Jing Kouyan mountain as the basis, and the third South China Sea Road and Haixin road form six corridors between mountain and sea. With the foundation of international cruise port development planning, the ease of east harbors should be promoted to north, and the development rhythm od airport planning areas should be strictly controlled, which can prepare for the later spatial release of the relocation of the airport from city planning areas. The main line of the important traffic node is reserved to improve the stock space, and the industrial neighborhood area near the central fishing port of Fujian and Taiwan is reserved, which can provide the regional space preparation for the planning of the new trade zone.

Keywords: Ecological Economy, Fujian Free Trade Zone, Overall Planning, New Trade District.

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