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By : Ren Hong, Zhang Zhengtong, Ma Xianrui, Tang Xilai

In the face of solving the urban traffic congestion problem radically, emphasis has been laid on the research on slow traffic planning of urban built environment. Hence, research on slow traffic demand forecasting can provide a basis for the planning of urban slow traffic systems. Based on land use, the overall planning of the new Guangming (GM) district, and the population prediction results, the slow traffic demand within the scope of the new district was forecasted by combining the per capita trip frequency, and the spatial distribution of the slow traffic flow of the new GM district was forecasted per the forecasted demand quantity for slow traffic. The following research conclusions were obtained. Within the new GM district, the correlation of the total demand for slow traffic with the land use functions and population distribution was high, and the cross-zone traffic was mainly decided by the land usage of this district. The cross-unit slow traffic flow was concentrated in the Gongming central, Guangming central, high-tech zone, and Yutian zones. This research provides a guideline for the layout of slow traffic facilities in the future.

Keywords: Slow Traffic Planning, Urban Built Environment, Demand Forecasting´╝îLand Use.

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