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By : Min Pang

The scale of urban land has been expanding because the speed of urban development has increased the population. Thus, certain improvement in planning and construction based on circular economy is required. Industrial resource-based city planning and construction is particularly important based on the aforementioned problems and development background. The development of industrial resource cities in the transformation stage based on the circular economy was considered as the breakthrough point. The development, function, and concept of the new district planning were analyzed in view of the design strategy of the current domestic resource-based urban planning; moreover, the planning principles (integration of regional and harmonious resource constructions and coordinated organization function) that are suitable for resource industrial city were presented. In this study, taking the industrial transformation and resource-based city of Yichun as an example, the infrastructure and the general situation of the new district planning in the future were deeply analyzed. In the light of the functional development and planning structure of the transformation and development planning of resource-based industrial cities, the following planning and development strategies were proposed: the centralized small-scale space should be constructed. Diversion control should be carried out on bicycle lane and motorized lane in new area. The three-dimensional layout of the grid should be applied to the overall planning of the road, and according to the expressway, main roads, secondary roads and ordinary sections, there must be four kinds of traffic system, so as to construct a diversified traffic diversion system. The original industrial land should be extended into a continuous space, and the allocation of new district resources after transformation must be suitable for the development plan of brand strategy, so as to perfect the forestry land of Sun Yue gorge street and transform it into RBD recreational and entertainment community, and build a friendly eco city.

Keywords: Resource-Based City, Industrial City, Planning And Development, Circular Economy.

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