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By : Jia Ruan, Wan Na

The contradiction between economic development and resource environment has become increasingly acute with the continuous societal and industrial development. The implementation of waste and renewable resource recycling can alleviate the conflict. The multi-project management theory was applied to the construction of an industrial park based on the characteristics of the circular economy theory. In this paper, the basic definition of circular economy and industrial parks was expounded, and the application of circular economy in the planning of parks was studied from five major aspects. From industrial selection, property function and volume allocation planning, industrial park planning and design were studied. Starting from the function structure of the park, the setting of the slag yard outside the park, the green land and the landscape, the road planning of the park, the planning of industrial parks of chemical recycling economy in Gansu was studied. Through empirical analysis, theoretical support and model reference were provided for the construction of circular economy in other industrial parks.

Keywords: Circular economy, Multi-project management theory, Industrial park construction, Application research.

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