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By : Chenglin Dai

Countryside planning has become popular due to the improvement in the economic level of China. A rural construction planning permission system is an important means to guide and standardize village construction. Therefore, this study investigates the current condition of rural planning in Guangdong and the general condition of Guangdong Province. Village planning problems, such as the village theory, lack of characteristics, and lack of coordination, are also presented. The bottleneck of the construction village planning permission system is presented. A “three-step” strategy and mode transformation (i.e., legal, personalized, and independent steps) is established based on the analysis of the Guangdong rural planning problems. Finally, the general requirements for village construction under the permission system are proposed along with the study of the village planning in Guangdong, which is the representative case. Therefore, this study provides a reference for the effective linkage between village planning and the rural construction planning permission system.

Keywords: Rural Construction Planning Permission System, Village Planning, Guangdong Province.

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