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By : Guangming Han, Zhiqiang Hou, Yuanshui Huang

Selecting the development and renewal of residential areas has caused significant confusion in the construction of a new countryside with the rapid development of information and computer technology. The application of digital assistive technology in traditional settlement planning has received increasing attention in recent years. Thus, this study combined the folk culture of traditional settlement, local unique landform, and climate environment. Digital technology was used as the starting point. Traditional settlement planning and green update design were studied with the help of a digital building software. The planning of Shuanglong Village and the residential green renewal design were taken as examples. Shuanglong Village’s overall planning and design was presented and showed that its road traffic was clearly planned. The rational use of local land was attained. The landscape of Shuanglong Village was then designed. Practice has proven that the research on traditional settlement planning and green renewal design based on digital assistive technology can provide the basis for such activities.

Keywords: Digital Assistive Technology, Traditional Settlement, Planning, Green Renewal Design.

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