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By : Anqi Zhang, Jingliang Chen

Urban planning is the blueprint for the development of urban construction and the basis for management of a city. The urban planning of China’s high-speed modernization has encountered many bottlenecks, and the gap between the daily living needs of residents and the urban planning objectives has attracted particular attention. Harmonious development between man and nature is necessary to build a harmonious society, and urban planning that is close to the needs of residents and more humanized has become the main goal of urbanization. In this paper, urban planning of Zhuhai City was studied for one year. Zhuhai focuses on building transport hub, industrial layout, and urban development in three major patterns. Many problems in the planning and management of Zhuhai City were encountered in the past, because the plans are only heavy concepts that ignore implementation and lack of comprehensive survey. Based on the concept of communication planning, the main features of the public participation in the urban planning model through modern mass media may be suitable for achieving the objectives and satisfying public needs. Urban planning and decision-making in Zhuhai City in recent years are evaluated by SWOT method. Future plans of Zhuhai City are discussed.
Keywords: Livable City, Zhuhai City, Urban Spatial Pattern, Swot Analysis, Urban Planning.

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