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By : Haiqing Hu, Tian Wu

Strengthening the combination of technology and finance can significantly promote the development of economy and society. Urbanization is a crucial standard to measure the economic and social development of a country and region, and urban regional planning based on science and technology finance has always been the focus of both domestic and foreign research institutions. Thus, this paper takes Mianyang, the first city of science and technology, as the object of research, and from the angle of the development process of Mianyang, investigates the three stages of the construction and development of this science and technology city. This study analyzes the characteristics of regional planning of Mianyang City and sums up the idea of relying on the old city to build another new district, which boosts the development of science and technology as well as the economy. From two specific angles (i.e., urban spatial function region planning and urban and rural planning), this paper thoroughly studies a multiscale planning scheme of Mianyang’s urban area in recent years by researching the local policy, system, finance, and society. Empirical measurement proves that reasonable planning and construction of the science and technology city Mianyang can accelerate the development process of the western region, effectively promoting the economic development of the surrounding areas of Sichuan and remarkably improving the overall quality of the regional economy of both Chongqing and Sichuan Provinces.
Keywords: Science and Technology, Urban, Planning Evolution, Mianyang City.

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