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By : Peng Wang, Xingpeng Chen, Xiaomeng We

On the basis of the research data of 120 enterprises from 10 development zones in Gansu Province, we conducted regional planning research combining enterprise architecture with ecological green space environment system. We determined that the largest part of the green space pattern is the “other green space,” which mainly depends on the formation of super large plantation. However, this part is consistently decreasing in recent years. Affiliated green space became the largest in the green space patterns because of the high degree of vertical greening of the enterprise architecture in the development zones. The high fragmentation of the affiliated green space also leads to the high fragmentation of the entire green space of the development zone. In future regional planning of development zones, future planning of the green space can take the current green space as the basis, use the road green space and green corridors nearby waters as the basic framework to connect other patterns of green space, and form a ring-shaped enclosure, reticular structure, and wedge-shaped and dotted supplemented regional pattern. Meanwhile, the road green space system can be reasonably arranged by setting new green space spots at road intersections and key strategic positions to connect the isolated green space patches and improve the connectivity of the green space.
Keywords: Enterprise Architecture, Ecological Green Space Environment, Regional Planning, Development Zones In Gansu Province.

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