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By : Zhuorong Du

With the development of science and technology, the acceleration of urbanization, and the increasing prominence of eco-environmental problems, how to coordinate the relationship between economic development and the natural environment becomes a research hotspot for related research institutions at home and abroad. Thus, we conducted research on the planning framework of the circular economy eco-city. We introduced the theoretical basis of circular economy and eco-city; analyzed the current situation of Wafangdian from the aspects of economy, environment, and society; and established the eco-city index evaluation system based on circular economy. We also employed principal component analysis to confirm the weighting of each index, evaluated the economic situation of Wafangdian using the sum of the weightings, analyzed the economic development status of the city from 2011 to 2015, and identified the advantages and disadvantages to the cycle of economic development in Wafangdian. Finally, we provided several suggestions on the circular economy in the construction of the Wafangdian eco-city from large, medium, and small hierarchies. Practices have shown that research on the planning framework of the circular economy eco-city has a positive effect on the sustainable development of humans and nature.
Keywords: Circular Economy, Eco-City, Index Evaluation.

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