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By : Rong-Yue Zheng, Jian Yao,

A large number of residential buildings in hot summer and cold winter zone of China are non-energy efficient with poor indoor thermal conditions. Retrofitting residential buildings with energy efficiency measures is thus important for residents. However, this work progressed slowly because practically applicable measures that not only have high energy savings but also improve indoor thermal performance have not been studied. Thus, this paper carried out a simulation study on the selection of suitable energy saving measures for residential buildings in hot summer and cold winter zone of China. Five potential energy saving options are considered and the energy, indoor thermal comfort and economic performance are compared. The results show that adding movable solar shades is the optimum option with all performance indices ranking first. Meanwhile, this measure is also the only acceptable energy saving solution for residents since its payback period is less than the lifespan of a building. As a conclusion, it is recommended to use movable solar shades as a first priority when retrofitting residential buildings.
Keywords: Building Energy, Residential Buildings, Indoor Thermal Comfort, Economic Performance.

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